The Archivist known as M


Before I begin with my evolving thoughts about this mysterious book, one more matter should be addressed.  When we began to analyze the book with closer attention, it soon became clear that the annotations inside the margins of the pages were not written by Sorren, but instead by a mysterious person known as M.  The writing was succinct and elegant.  Each annotation would be marked with the initial M.  Seeing this, I immediately realized that this book had been in the hands of a person that had taken much care in reading, and analyzing its content.  I searched all the annotations until I found an annotaion that was marked Melanthros, and henceforth the original archivist will be referred to by the initial M.

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Finally, to make an attempt at categorizing my thoughts on this work, I will chapterize what I currently deem to be the essential matters under investigation.  Each chapter is labelled as a leaf and I begin with the topic which all others must follow: Why should we read this work?  What are its origins and what is its relevance?

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