love is a broken wing


You know you can't fly with a broken wing

and you can't bleed for every wounded thing

Stop the pain but that won't make 'em sing

You can't save the world by tearing out your heart

I've tried with sympathy, I've tried with empathy

But every wound is just a mask


Why can't I move beyond this guarded underground

And start a love that might just last

To feel the wind upon the highest bluff

and just stop hiding from the crash


And when I fall I fall into the sea

Into the beauty of your embrace

And the strength I held so tightly

is but a whisper of a thing

Cause love is a broken wing


Don't let the rain wash these tears away

Don't let the rain spoil another day

Don't let the shame you feel inside make you feel the way I do

Cause love is the power

Love is a flower

Love will see me through

Love is the power

Defending the tower

Love will see you through