Dismissed from the table she sits by the window and cries

Her intricate fantasy comes apart before her eyes

Come back to the world Cynthia and leave your playthings behind

It’s time to grow up now abandon your nursery rhymes


Cynthia cries

yeah, Cynthia cries


The dragons have all gone the sea serpents have all drown

Lost in her tower the princess can never be found

And where she once stood now lies a rose

A perfect symbol of a love now frozen

In a place where only she can be

In a time where only she can feel

the wonder, the movement of her heart


The princess cries as the cities fall to ruin

and the dreams of children grow strange

with visions of a multitude

with visions of a pleasant cage


And then they fly away to escape a certain doom

They find themselves in a darkened room

But there, a light, beyond the dark hills

Stay awake, stay awake













This small story from Sorren is centered around a young girl who dreams of a different life.  It would not be unusual to think that Sorren himself also would have wished for another life.  The last verse begins with a very fatalistic view but as the story ends "a light, beyond the dark hills" beckons to Cynthia, and to us all.