“In the Stones” is from the upcoming album, “The Sheepshead”. The Sheepshead is an old inn, referenced in the Fieldnotes.

“Journey to the East” was inspired by the writings and sensitivities of Hermann Hesse, one of our favorite authors.

Another song from several years ago. The motif, plainly obvious, nevertheless remains mysterious and beautiful.

The inspiration for “Dances With You” is the love story which lies at the heart of the tale, “The Witchwood Door” from the book “King Bartholomew” by K. Scott Brown.

“Touch the World” is a reference to the poetry of Sorren which appears in The Twenty Sixth Leaf.

“Rainbow” is a song written several years ago. I can believe that Sorren may had shared this same question.

These two pieces are just short impressions of melancholia. There is a sadness, but a strange form of beauty which lay there.

These two pieces, written many years ago, have a home in Sorren’s world.

The woods were a source of great inspiration for Sorren. They remain so for us.