The Twelfth Leaf


It is unknown whether these drawings were from Sorren or someone else.


The tower shows a sophisticated sense of proportion and it is unclear how Sorren could have understood these concepts.

King Orry's Tower.JPG

This bottom figure is especially curious and is likely meant to represent a sea monster. Was Sorren simply being creative or did he actually believe, and perhaps even see these creatures?

These sketches show that Sorren had an artistic side as well as a desire for philosophy and deep thought. These sketches appear to show a rudimentary understanding of the art of perspective. This would have coincided with the development of this technique by Brunelleschi in the early fifteenth century, but I can see no realistic possibility that Sorren could have been engaged, even remotely, in the discussions of these powerful arts. It is more likely that he picked up a few fragments casually offered by Rheingold the painter who we know was engaged by the King at or near that time.