The King has an unhealthy desire to understand things that can never be known to us.  Sometimes he would toss and turn during the night and not sleep a wink.  The next morning he would still be trying to understand his own thoughts and that if only he could do that he should uncover the truth of our world.  I would listen to his words until I would become confused.  One of his longest desires has been to understand the nature of something he called corporality.  I tried to follow his words as he told me that our world is made up of very small pieces of matter that he called atoms.  He said that men long ago had said that atoms made up our world.  And he said that even things that could never be seen or heard or felt were made of these atoms.  He said that daylight and twilight were made of atoms also.  But he said that the atoms could never be seen because they were too small for the eye to see.  He then said that the man was a Greek and that the Greek men thought about all manner of things until they would be discovered.  I could not understand his thinking.  So I asked him if everything that could be seen and not seen was made of such atoms how could anything change for there would be no way for an atom to move if the world was solid.  There must be room for change to happen I said.  The King listened to my words and then he ordered for me to slaughter a chicken.

 - Sorren


With how much more mockery could this simple servant refer to the thoughts of his King?  Why why why does a servant need to know how to write!  Why does a simple servant need to know how to think!  Did he think of this while he snapped the neck of a simple chicken?

 - M


My own thoughts about this fragment are complicated.  For the first time we are met with a man who at the same instant expresses a sophisticated principal with the simplest conceptual language available to him.  It is safe to say that Sorren has been given training by the King, and that his task is only to listen to the further ramblings of the King.  This is why Sorren likely has set this thought down on parchment.  Here we see a man waking up, and here we see a man who is proud of himself within the safety of his own thoughts.