The Thirty-Fifth Leaf

The wall of kings

my world is fading before the wall of kings

but my bloom has found an ageless partner

in the wall of kings

How strange that I shan't see them again. These frames that whisper to me, and to which I whisper back. But the last frame, the empty one, makes no sound. And if I could conjure, what sound would I have it make? A song, or soft lullaby? Maybe the young girl humming to herself - this young lass with not a care in the world. I would listen to her song again, and this time I would allow the memory of my first love to enchant me once again. How strange it is that love never leaves.

I asked Iona to meet me here for I wish a favor from her, I need a witness. She has agreed although she suspects not of what I am asking. I shall miss this girl.

- Sorren

Is the Wall of Kings so important to you that you should lament not seeing it again? And yet, you see yourself forever framed and admired in perpetual adoration. These Kings that line this wall are not your peers, Sorren. You are a simple servant, to use your own words. Perhaps instead, you should try to imagine yourself looking down from the wall of servants, for that is what you are. The Wall of Kings is reserved for great men who perform great deeds, but you are preparing to flee from your post and your King, who has treated you fairly, even by your own admission. And further, it appears to be your intention to corrupt the King’s other faithful servant. Is this how a man of honor conducts himself, Sorren?
— M

It seems likely to me that the Wall of Kings would have been a powerful thing to behold, solemn, reverential, thick with the scent of narcissus from distant Elysian fields. A man like Sorren would have been drawn to this peaceful and noble place due to his great love for his King. I do not think that Sorren had visions of himself being placed upon this wall, no, I think that M is misreading Sorren’s words. When Sorren speaks about the last frame, he is not imagining himself there. No, he is waxing philosophical. He knows that Sigmus will hang there, and he only imagines what words the King would have for him upon his death. Similarly, we are all bound for the Wall of Kings, even though we would not use such an antiquated metaphor. The Wall of Kings represents a legacy, a representative perspective from which we shall be judged by our peers. The Lord will judge us in heaven; our decedents shall judge us as we hang quietly upon the Wall of Kings, and our actions, our will, our every movement in deed and in thought shall be judged. This is how the world of men remembers and comes to know itself. I hope that in some small way I should live to deserve the honor of hanging upon the venerable, the glorious Wall of Kings, for I shall be judged by my peers.